Myself Nagesh Waman Ingale. I now eleven years. I studying in fifth standard, Zilla English Medium High School. Today morning, I stealed my father axe.
Why I tell you.
I living in village Thadyachapada, taluka Shahapur, district Thane, Maharashtra state. My mother-father, my father father, my brother and buffalo Chulbul Pandey living with me. My village being on top of hill. Close by only, Bhatsa dam is. Two hour walking away.
In rainy days, dam becoming so full, water-water everywhere! We all childrens everyday two hours walking to dam. Jumping in lake, much fun coming! In hot time, is all different.
Our village having one well. Rainy days, well getting full. Hot time, very little water. To drink no water, to bath no water, to anything do no water. Then my mother and all other womans on head pot taking and walking to dam lake. One day three-four time.
My mother hair falling down because pot heavy. My mother feet bottom skin black-black becoming, because when she walking, road is too hot-hot. She say her shoulder all day, all night aching, but what to do?
My father father saying ki soon all becoming okay. He and all village old mans looking and looking into well, this to see if water there. Everyday, same story. No water. Now he not look. First he saying this and that, now he not say anything. He not drink water now, only daaru. Now he sleep and sleep.
My father rich man. I ask him why you not for us buying water? He look down and say where from I buy water? First big truck coming to give water. Now road bad. And truck not coming.
My father taked me panchayat meeting. There dam engineer uncle coming. Everybody asking, why you water no give to village? He say all water he have to give to Mumbai city only.
One time I went Mumbai city. For my cousin marriage. I liking it. Big-big building, many many cars. I even seeing Salmaankaan on motorbike! So happy I was!
I living in cousin friend house. One thing I not understanding. In bathroom, I seeing small thing on roof. It having many small holes. Water from holes coming. I asking my cousin, what that is? He saying people using it to bath. To bath! I asking why they not, like everyone, using mug and bucket? Cousin laughing. He say everyone using ‘shower’. He saying some people using it even after doing potty, to wash bums. To wash bums! I not believing him only.
Mumbai city having so much water, Thadyachapada village having nothing. Not fair no? But I telling myself that wait wait, sarkar will do something. And I waiting.
Today morning, Chulbul Pandey dying. He no drink water for many days. Chulbul Pandey dead.
So I stealing my father axe. I walking to big pipeline. Sarpanch say pipeline giving water to Mumbai city.
All my friends there. They having also axe, hammer, big stones. Big brother Prathamesh also there. He having one stick bomb, which those people using to break big big stones from side of mountain. He stealing it from those people.
I no hate Mumbai city people. My cousin also living there only, no? But there, people using water like that only. And here, my buffalo dying.
One minute, we all standing on pipeline. Then Prathamesh taking out matchstick. Everyone lifting up theirs hammer and rock. I lifting up axe. And bringing it down.
Next minute, water-water everywhere!

* * *

Note: Based on this article published in the Mumbai Mirror.